Quarantine with young kids

So you are stuck at home with young children, how do you keep entertained and on top of their education whilst not at school?

Its a tough one for any parent!

Here we will suggest some useful activities for parents stuck in this situation.


Whilst we do not encourage you to panic, there are things you can start to put in place before you are stuck at home.

We are focused on things you need to do to help your kids maintain contact with their friends online, the physical toys and books we leave alone in this article.

  • Who are safe online friends
  • Contact details for those safe friends
  • What tools to use to connect with those friends
  • Do your devices work (computers, game consoles, tablets & phones)
  • Ensure the various online tools you need to use are installed and working
  • Confirm that the ‘online friends’ are also able to use the same tools and are set up (grandparents are a particular focus here)

Safe online friends

You child will have classmates, friends and family members who would all be very happy to spend time online with your child.

Some of them will even be happy to help with educational activities.

Sit down and make a list.

Then review the list and ask your child who they would like to talk to online in games or on a video call.   Don’t scare them, its just you making a list of friends.

Contact details

You will already have the contact details for some of these friends (i.e. grandparents).

But others will need a bit of effort, you can recruit your child in the mission to collect the details.

You basically want the following details:

  • Name
  • Parent name
  • Parent phone number
  • Preferred online tool

Online tool

If you asked my children what online tool they would like to be using.   They will blurt out online games or even social media platforms they have heard about (well my kids do)!

Its a useful conversation to have with your kids every now and then, so you can keep on top of the cool apps amongst the younger generation.

Your child will ask for online tools that are not acceptable – a great opportunity to discuss this fact with them.   Why they are not yet old enough to use ‘insert social media platform here’.
Other requests are games, which they may or may not already play but that include online chat features – a popular example is Fortnite.    A great game, very useful for home isolation but needs to be managed as too much Fortnite will release the little monster in your child.

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