Kids helping kids learn

Every Tuesday at 5pm Calum helps Lucas to read better.

They do it at home, each kid logs into a smart book library online using their own device.   After selecting a book from the library and read it together.   

Lucas reads the text out loud whilst Calum listens and corrects any mistakes.


No teacher needs to be involved with these online sessions, the kids do it themselves.

Impressively Lucas has demonstrated significant improvements in his reading age.    Regular practice with someone helping him correct any mistakes really does work!

93% of students improve their reading through our assisted reading program student2student.
Wendy Field
Head of Policy and Programs, The Smith Family

The boys are using the Chatty Kids platform, designed to make assisted reading easier.

The team at Chatty Kids integrated an online book library with video chat.   

Allowing anyone to help a young child with their reading anytime, anywhere.

Imagine if every child in Australia did this simple online task for 20 minutes 3 times per week.

Would life the reading age of all children in the country.

It’s simple to set up, it’s safe and requires minimal teacher input; its incredibly efficient!

If you want your kids to start helping each other to read better online (no matter where in the world you are), complete the form below.   The team from Chatty Kids will be in touch and help you to get started.

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