Coronavirus Granny Army

Families helping kids learn during Coronavirus lockdown

Margaret continues to help her grandchildren to learn better, even though they are both stuck at home in Coronavirus lock down.   

Margaret lives in the UK, whilst her grandson Lucas lives in Australia.

The world needs an army of grannies to help parents isolated at home with young families.   

Grannies just like Margaret provides some welcome relief by taking over the homeschooling for an hour.

It's amazing to have granny take over the homeschooling duties for an hour. It gives us parents a welcome break.
Annabelle Miller

Margaret uses Chatty Kids to call her grandchildren on her computer like any normal online call.   Except Chatty Kids has an integrated book library, so its easy to select a book during the call and read together!

Chatty Kids synchronizes the book pages, so when you turn a page everyone’s page turns too.   So you both see the same page, text and read the same words.

Her grandson reads out loud from the book and Margaret corrects any mistakes he makes.   She uses the ‘Pause, Prompt & Praise’ methods when assisting her grandchild when he is reading.

Lucas enjoys the time he gets to spend with his grandmother chatting together online.   He gets onto his beloved iPad and shows his granny just how good his reading is.

During the session they will read several different books selected from the library.    Margaret helps guide Lucas to try to read books that are not too easy nor too difficult for him to read.

All the books in the Chatty Kids library are levelled.   Where level 1 is the easiest up to level 30, which is the hardest.     The library also includes ‘small chapter’ books which are for students able to read past level 30.

Chatty Kids uses the PM benchmark level system simply because it is nice easy numbers to climb, from 1 to 30.   Easy.

During the current COVID-19 crisis, forcing millions to remain inside their house, Chatty Kids is proving to be a valuable tool in the kit box.

Because it adds yet another useful educational activity to any parents tool belt.   You will get 30 to 60 minutes peace and quiet whilst the grandparents work with their grandchild.

In the video above you can see the Chatty Kids platform in action, as Margaret helps Lucas with his reading.

In the video below you can find out how the Pause, prompt, p[raise method works and how you should use it when helping your children to read better.

If you want to help your children or grandchildren to read better during this difficult time.   Complete the form below and we will send you a pair of user accounts so you can login and call each other on Chatty Kids.

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