Coronavirus Granny Army

Helping parents with primary school kids stuck at home during Coronavirus

COVID-19 is disrupting all our lives. It will continue to do so for some months to come.

In particular, social distancing has a huge impact on school students, their parents and their teachers, for whom routine is so vital.

Despite everyone’s best efforts, many primary school children are probably getting less regular support in reading than they need. It’s not just disadvantaged children (although they should be a priority) – all children have had their routines disrupted.

We can help address these problems.

  • Problem 1 : no levelled books at home
  • Problem 2 : no help for busy parents at home

Problem 1 : no levelled books at home

Schools lent their whole physical book library to their students, but a couple of books each is not enough.

The kids are going to be home for months and the parents can’t get out to swap the books.   The kids need a different levelled book everyday.

Parents are desperate for quality levelled educational books they can use at home during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Solution

An online levelled library of books the kids need when learning to read.

The Chatty Kids platform provides 4,000+ levelled books from Pearson, used in schools globally.

It’s safe, low cost and you can access it now!

Problem 2 : no help for busy parents at home

Trying work & educate the kids at home is not fun ….

Everyone is going to be stuck at home for months.

Parent need help with the many educational tasks whilst working from home with the kids.

The Solution

Connect the family and gain instant access to trusted remote resources willing to help.

This could be grandparents, friends, aunts or uncles.   Who connect over the internet to work with the kids during an online call.

It’s safe, low cost and you can do it now!

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