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How to use the Library


Using a computer, tablet or phone open your internet browser, we recommend using Chrome or Safari for the best user experience.

Web Application

Visit the Chatty Kids platform at


Enter your username & password into the respective field then click ‘Login and start reading’

Home screen

The home screen provides several options, you want to click on LIBRARY



The library features books, levelled readers from Pearson.   It also features videos, teachers and children reading the levelled books out loud.    These demonstrate to the child how to read the book well.


All the books are organised into levels of difficulty 1 to 30, 1 being easy whilst 30 is hard.

Click SEE MORE to drill down onto the book section.

The next section divides the books into grade years, to help users find books appropriate for the year of school their child is in.

The next section shows individual levels.


You can search for books using the search bar.

Search by level.

Search by anything.


Click on any book to read it.

Change pages

Read to book

Exit the book and return to the library

Breadcrumb trail

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