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How to call your reading partner on Chatty Kids

There are 2 parts to a call using Chatty Kids, a student and a teacher using different devices connected over the Internet.

  1. Calling your reading partner
  2. Answering an incoming call from your reading partner

Camera Permissions

The first time you have a call, the computer browser will ask you for permission to use the camera and/or microphone.

Click ALLOW.    We need to use the microphone so we can hear you when you speak.

Calling your reading partner

Login to the Chatty Kids application, for the best experience use the Chrome or Safari browser.

Click on the CALL icon, look in the top right hand corner.

You can see your reading partner listed, you can see if they are ONLINE or OFFLINE.

When they are online you can call them, by clicking on the CALL icon.

You can see and hear the outgoing call as it also rings on the other end of the call, on your reading partners computer.

Once your reading partner answers the call, the call connects and you can hear each other through the computer speakers.

Once the call is answered and you can hear each other speaking out loud. The user interface changes to show an active call is happening.

You can end the call by pressing the red END call icon.

You can swap control of the call by clicking on the LOCK icon.  The user with control can choose the books & change pages, the other user watches as their library is synchronized.

Select a book from the library and enjoy reading together.

Answering an incoming call from your reading partner

When someone calls you in Chatty Kids, the audio will play a ring tone and a pop out window will appear.

Click the answer icon.

Your teacher will select a book and you read it out loud, your teacher will assist you when reading.

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