We’re on a mission to improve the reading ability of ALL children globally.

It all started when Ken’s kids started learning to read, he struggled to keep his young children practicing their developing reading skills. 

It was boring!

So Ken recruited his mum, who lived on the other side of the world in England.

Each week she would chat to her grandchildren during a video call online, Ken would share photos of the books they brought home from school.  Leveled books optimized for their current reading ability.
During the online call they would happily show off to their granny, demonstrating their growing reading skills.    Kens mother loved it, she got to spend time with her grand kids and contribute to their education.

Roll forward a few years and this little idea has grown, now we have 1,000’s of kids learning to read better on the Chatty Kids platform.

In the future we will continue to innovate, develop useful online tools for parents and teachers helping children to learn better.