Corona Virus planning

We can help schools & parents prepare!

1,000’s of schools will close and many kids will be stuck at home in isolation with their families?    Teachers will be overloaded trying to keep some form of education happening over the Internet.    Chatty Kids is willing and able to help, we have a useful product that you can use to give the kids access to 1,000’s of leveled books to read whilst at home.   Plus they can read together with classmates, teachers, etc from their home.

The current situation is changing fast (its 11th March 2020) as the Corona-virus spreads globally.   

The impact on our kids in schools is looking serious, though it’s not a global pandemic yet.

So what can we do?

As a father of two young children (11 & 13 years old) I am treading water, lets not worry too much too early.   They are still going to school & we have toilet paper – phew!   

As the founder of Chatty Kids I am contingency planning, what scenarios are possible and what do we do?

We cannot solve all the worlds problems, but we can do our bit.   For the last 6 years we have been operating an online platform connecting kids who read together on the Internet.

Surely that could be useful when we have 100,000’s of primary school children stuck at home unable to attend school?

The Problem

When schools close and everyone is stuck at home in isolation – you get bored.   

That problem is an order of magnitude higher for families with young children.    They need to burn energy and they need to continue their education.   

A Solution

Use the Internet.

Open your device at home and jump into an online call with your friends & family.    Whilst it is not a good as going to school, its the best you will have if you are stuck in isolation at home.

There are many platforms available on the Internet for you to use to call others and chat together.

We are one of those tools available online, though we are specifically tailored for young children learning to read.   With a massive leveled book library built into into our online video platform.

The Plan

Remember I said do not panic.   But that does not mean you should not be prepared, so here is a brief plan for those dealing with kids learning to read.

  • Check your devices at home, make sure they are working normally and can access the Internet
  • Make sure your Internet is working (I know this is a bit silly as you’d be all over this IF Netflix wasn’t working!)
  • Review the online tools and software you want to use, or should be using
  • Set up any user accounts you need to access those tools
  • Talk to your family and friends, make sure you are all happy to use various tools when you need to (i.e. Skype to talk regularly & Chatty Kids to talk to the kids and practice reading daily)
  • As Chatty Kids is a secure platform for young kids, we put some barriers up to prevent ‘bad people’ connecting with your child.  So make sure you set up your account sooner and we help you connect all the people you need your child to talk to

When in Isolation

Try to set up a daily routine for your child, where there are fun time, game time & even learning time.

During the education time you can use tools like Chatty Kids.   

When using Chatty Kids your child will call one of their friends or family members.   During that online call they will spend time chatting and also reading books together.

Each individual on the call plays a role:
Student: this is the learner who is practicing their reading, they choose a book and read the text out loud.

Buddy: this is the helper, who listens to the student read out loud.  They pick up on mistakes and correct the student where necessary plus they talk about the story to help develop comprehension skills.

Are you prepared to spend time at home in isolation with your young family? We can help with educational activities you can do at home over the Internet.
Ken Taggart
Founder & CEO