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The book library is free to use anytime on any device.

Premium Services

The Chatty Kids platform provides a range of premium services on top of the basic book library.    Users are able to charge their own account with funds that are used overtime as the young student uses those services.

  • Online collaborative calls
  • Teenagers providing reading assistance services
  • Professional tutors 
  • Safety services to keep your child safe online

Student Account

A special offer for all new customers, for $99 you get:

  • Access to our library of levelled books
  • Read books together with your family & friends

Online call for live assisted reading

This is the ability for the student to make an online call to connected friends or family.    During that call they can read the same book selected from the library together.

The online calls do cost us some money so we charge users $0.01/minute for all calls made on the platform.    We will track all your online calls, add up all the minutes you have used and charge that fee.

$0.01 per minute for online calls

Teenagers helping kids with their reading

It consumes a lot of time listening to a young child as they learn to read over the days, weeks, months and years!    You would spend a small fortune if you paid professional teachers to do this task regularly.
We discovered a fantastic lower cost option for any parent to utilise – teenagers!     They all have time, they want to earn pocket money and they are great readers.

You can now choose to hire a teenager to spend time listening to your child reading out loud and correct their mistakes.    You choose a buddies OR we will allocate one to you for reading sessions, we will deduct the appropriate fee for each buddy when they have successfully delivered the service.

$0 to $7 (price varies for individuals)

Professional Online Tutors

We have an army of real school teachers all keen and eager to earn some extra $’s tutoring children online.

These qualified teachers are more expensive as they cost between $20 – $40 per hour, depending upon the teacher.

Online safety services

We care a LOT about the safety of the kids on our platform and we are constantly looking to add more safety features.   Yet they often will cost money, anything we can add for free we do it for everyone, but the stuff that costs money we need to charge for:

  • We record all online calls just incase we ever need to look back in time to see what actually happened.    (i.e. maybe someone verbally abused someone)
  • We proactively monitor calls between children.  This could be using AI to recognize swear words being used or even an actual person logs into the active call to observe what is happening.
  • Panic button, during a call if ever a child feels unsafe they can press the panic button and someone from Chatty Kids immediately logs into the call and observes. they take action where required.