Peer-2-Peer learning

ChattyKids powers the student2student literacy program.

93% of students improve their reading !

What is Chatty Kids?

A massive leveled book library to use on any device

We make assisted reading easy

We make kids practice their reading.

The Student

Practices their reading and is assisted in realtime by their 'reading helper'. Correcting mistakes or answering questions.

The Reading Helper

An older child who is a better reader than the student. The act of teaching others reinforces the skills they have already learnt.

Organisations can scale their reading programs efficiently.


This solution supports your teachers, parents & children; allowing students to reinforce what they have learnt whilst at home. A low cost solution that allows your pupils to continue learning together even whilst home sick.

Literacy Support Group

Many organisations operate literacy support activities supporting children with reading problems. Our platform is a low cost, simple solution that lets you run a better literacy program achieving better results.